The Fiera Campionaria of Venticano is a culture and trade fair held in Venticano during the month of April.

The ambitious idea was born one summer afternoon after a group of townspeople decided to hold the event for the first time in September 1978, close to the date of the patron saint’s festival, with the aim of revitalizing the economy of Irpinia. The fair has a focus on farming, industry and local crafts. The first fair was so successful that an association was set up - Pro Loco Venticanese - to manage and coordinate the future events.

Today, the Venticano trade fair is strategically important for the provincial economy, as it has evolved over time from an engine for local development into a landmark event for the region and even further afield. Every year, many visitors gather at the trade fair to meet exhibitors and attend discussions between businesses, the general public, public institutions and industry experts. As the trade fair has grown and become indisputably successful, the programme of events has gradually diversified to include more innovative offerings, but without losing sight of its original mission which was to promote new opportunities and specialities of the local food production industry. One of the focal points is the pavilion dedicated to the Flavours of the Middle Calore Valley.

As a fair that celebrates the spirit of community and traditions of the local area, the Venticano trade fair is one of Southern Italy’s prime cultural and commercial events.

Comune di riferimento
Piazza Aquilino Verardo, 7, 83030 Venticano AV, Italia
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*currently suspended due to Covid-19

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Piazza Aquilino Verardo, 7, 83030 Venticano AV, Italia

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