The Museum of Rural Life and Crafts is located in Montoro, in the hamlet of San Bartolomeo. 

The Museum tells the story of a civilisation that grew deep roots in this area over the centuries, by working the land and its resources. The exhibition is set in an old rural building, bearing witness to the presence of the early 20th-century landowners. The multi-storey building comprises a basement floor, a ground floor and a first floor including attic space. The floor space above ground is 2,150 m², and the Museum has access for the disabled.

The exhibition space is divided into various sections. On the ground floor is a series of rooms displaying the tools and equipment once used in ancient trades. The first floor is used as a library, while the basement contains storage areas for the exhibits. During the summer, the area in front of the Museum is used to stage events designed to strengthen the deep bond with the local traditions.

All this helps to reinforce the identity of the tiny community of San Bartolomeo, through testimonies that have clearly survived to the present day.

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Via Magg. Vincenzo Citro, 83025 Montoro AV, Italia
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Museo delle Attività Contadine e Artigianali

Via Magg. Vincenzo Citro, 83025 Montoro AV, Italia

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