The Carafa Palace is a historical landmark on Corso Europa in Sant'Angelo a Scala.

The building was erected in a strategic position with respect to the village below as a sign of the Carafa family's dominance. The residence is known for being, according to some sources, the birthplace of Gian Pietro Carafa, the future Pope Paul IV (1476-1559) and son of Baron Gian Antonio Carafa and Countess Vittoria Camponeschi.  

Despite the different restoration projects that have been carried out on the structure, the rooms have long evoked the noble atmospheres of the time. The Palace, located in the centre of a large garden, was divided into two floors. A central courtyard separated two symmetrical wings, reproducing the typical layout of noble buildings of the era.

Although it is reduced to a state of ruin today, the remains of the Carafa Palace in Sant'Angelo a Scala are still reminiscent of the historical and cultural charm elicited by the presence of the Carafa family in the Sant'Angelo area.

Corso Europa, 30, 83010 Sant'Angelo a Scala AV, Italia
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Palazzo Carafa di Sant'Angelo a Scala

Corso Europa, 30, 83010 Sant'Angelo a Scala AV, Italia

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