District 21 coincides with the seven municipalities of the geographical area between the valleys of the Calore, Ufita, Ansanto and Ofanto rivers, in the setting of Upper Irpinia. 
The area as a whole is of particular interest for the multiplicity of cultural assets, which are kept in these territories. 
An itinerary that includes the full and full-bodied flavour of the Taurasi di Castelfranci, the variety of flavours of the typical products of Guardia Lombardi, the cradle of one of the greatest thinkers of Italian literature Francesco de Sanctis in Morra de Sanctis, the extraordinary scenic beauty and incredible natural strength of the Mefite in the Ansanto valley, Rocca San Felice, the spirituality of the Abbey of San Guglielmo al Goleto in Sant'angelo dei Lombardi, the mighty grandeur of the Ruspoli-Candriano Castle in Torella dei Lombardi, the thermal oasis of San Teodoro in Villamaina.

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