The House Museum of Montaguto is located in Corso Antonio Pepe, in the historic centre of the small Irpinian town of Montaguto.

The exhibition is curated by Giovanna Strollo, Giulio Bruno and Antonio Angino, whose aim is to show the public a glimpse of the life, traditions and history of the local community. The exhibits and their display, all curated by the three organisers, are the result of a project keenly supported by the people of Montaguto and their generous donations. The museum was first opened in 1996, in a single room, and was subsequently extended and completed during an exciting project that celebrates the ancient values of the local people, their culture and roots: sharing and cooperation, the same as today. 

The museum has been constructed to look like a domestic setting, and displays the items typically used in houses of the time. Each artefact tells the story of these homes, and thanks to the crocheted dolls, visitors can imagine how the people who lived there would spend their time. Pots, pans, wooden spoons and a variety of ornaments remind us of the simple beauty of preparing meals, and the importance of strengthening family bonds by sitting round the same table together. The charm of these ancient crafts is also evoked by the tools and utensils used by cobblers, barbers and tailors: humble tradespeople whose work was essential to the lives of the local community, and which can now be seen in the rooms of the House Museum.

The House Museum is a real treasure, trove of culture and history, taking visitors on a trip back into the past: a timeless space where they can discover the habits and customs of a community that was not only dedicated to family, but also to work.

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Via Pepe, 14, 83030 Montaguto AV, Italia
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Casa Museo di Montaguto

Via Pepe, 14, 83030 Montaguto AV, Italia

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