The Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara (Saint Clare) is located in Solofra, in Via Regina Margherita, and is next to the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo (Saint Michael the Archangel) overlooking the square of the same name.

The complex consists of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Holy Mary of Graces), documented as early as the 14th century and initially built as a single religious building, and the Convent of Santa Chiara, built in the 16th century, at the same time as the urban development of the town during the so-called "golden age", marked by a phase of expansion of the local tanning trade. By the will of Beatrice Ferrella Orsini, the complex ended up encompassing the Church, thereby extending as far as the Collegiate Church. The aim was very precise: the family that owned the feud, unable to take control of the most important religious building in Solofra, decided to create an alternative cult to that of Saint Michael, to whom the local community was devoted. Thanks to the contribution of the Orsini family, the Church was considerably renovated, with the same transformation of its Renaissance-style into Baroque as the nearby Collegiate Church. 

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie has lost its religious function over the years: initially used for school functions, it now houses the "Renato Serra" Municipal Library and the Solofra Study Centre. Despite this, it has managed to keep its high artistic value intact, with its Baroque-style façade divided vertically into three sections by Doric and Corinthian pilasters. 
Inside the Church, one can admire works of art of great value, including the paintings of the coffered ceiling and the altarpiece by Giovanni Tommaso Guarini. The adjoining Convent of Santa Chiara, on the other hand, consists of an older part, situated further north, and a more recent part, the result of restoration work carried out between the 18th and 19th centuries. The building also has a large courtyard, which hosts numerous cultural and musical events, especially in summer. 

The Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara still stands today as an artistic masterpiece that contributes to the enrichment of the historic centre of the Irpinian city.

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Via Regina Margherita, 3, 83029 Solofra AV, Italia
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Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara

Via Regina Margherita, 3, 83029 Solofra AV, Italia

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