The House Museum dedicated to Saint Alberico Crescitelli is located in Altavilla Irpina.

Created by the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta (Saint Mary of the Assumption) to make it easier to get to know his works, the House Museum has housed the personal effects of Saint Alberico Crescitelli (1863-1900) for over a century, as well as the sacred vestments from his priesthood and letters written to his mother. The short tour ends with the bedroom, simple and bare, with a wooden kneeler, an iron bed and a bedside table with an alarm clock and a frame depicting a photo of his parents.

In particular, the letters sent to his distant mother tell the story of a life that was difficult and full of adversity, but not without satisfaction. He left for China in 1888 and devoted all his energies to the Christianisation of the Chinese community. On 20th July 1900, following the famous Boxer Revolt against the Empire and the foreigners, including the missionaries, Father Alberico was captured and tortured atrociously until he was beheaded and his body torn apart. Beatified by Pope Pius XIII on 18 February 1951, he was proclaimed a saint by Pope John Paul II on 1 October 2000.

The House Museum of Saint Alberico Crescitelli is an authentic and unmissable testimony to great missionary work and faith.


Corso Garibaldi, 12, 83011 Altavilla Irpina AV, Italia
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Casa Museo di Sant'Alberico Crescitelli

Corso Garibaldi, 12, 83011 Altavilla Irpina AV, Italia

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