The Folk Museum of Piana del Dragone (Dragon’s Plain) in Volturara Irpina is located in Viale Rimembranza, in the historic centre of the town.

The museum was opened in 1999 by Antonio Marra in collaboration with the “Il Tiglio” non-profit association. The aim was to display artefacts of historical and artistic interest but mainly to preserve for future generations the country traditions of the local people.

Thanks to community donations, the Folk Museum, which stands in the former cinema building in the municipally-owned cultural centre, now houses 2,500 exhibits on two storeys. The displays are divided into sectors: agriculture, crafts and educational activities. The charm of the Folk Museum of Piana del Dragone comes not only from the many exhibits and tools on display, or from the larger items found in the entrance hall (such as the historic 20th-century two-wheeled carriage, or traino). What makes this museum so unique is the reconstruction of domestic areas such as the bedroom and mattress made from leaves of maize.

As a historic and cultural legacy of rural and artisanal life, the Folk Museum of Piana del Dragone is a rich testimony to the customs and habits of the people of Volturara.

Viale Rimembranza, 83050 Volturara Irpina AV, Italia
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Poligono GEO

Museo Etnografico della Piana del Dragone

Viale Rimembranza, 83050 Volturara Irpina AV, Italia

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