The M.I.GRA - Museo Interattivo del Grano e della donna nella civiltà contadina (Interactive Museum of Grain and Women in Rural Civilisation), housed in the rooms of the ancient Grimaldi Castle in Monteverde, is an exhibition dedicated to the history of agriculture, in particular of grain, the primary resource of the Irpinian town, and to the fundamental female figure in past civilisations. 

More than objects, the exhibition halls of the M.I.GRA Museum show and tell stories, narrated by virtual characters that come to life and animate, with a modern and technological approach more than ever suited to the modern visitors it addresses, to make the history of a place that is fascinating in many ways eternal.

Divided into nine rooms equipped with virtual reality visors, multimedia stations and immersive projections, the museum narrates the ancient cereal growing culture of the area, retracing the various stages of wheat production and reconstructing scenes of the daily life of farmers in Monteverde in the past: days, seasons and generations dedicated to the production of a product of excellence, appreciated for its uniqueness and value. 

The truly interactive exhibition tells the story of the area and its rural civilisation, where the focus was on the woman: a worker and an essential point of reference for the family. The museum halls celebrate the fundamental role she played, with evidence of her sacrifice, work, courage and above all her commitment to her land.

In an evocative setting, immersed in one of "Italy's Most Beautiful Villages", the M.I.GRA Museum brings the past closer to the present, to recall it with the most modern technologies and hand it over to a community that is increasingly attentive to the importance of a rich and fascinating heritage and that can experience the magic of riding a donkey through the narrow streets of the ancient village, thanks to virtual reality, and listen to anecdotes linked to past events, from the great emigration of 1880 to the earthquake of 1980.

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Salita Castello, 6, 83049 Monteverde AV, Italia
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Museo M.I.GRA

Salita Castello, 6, 83049 Monteverde AV, Italia

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