Montemarano Castle is a site of historical interest in the old centre of this Irpinian town. 

Standing at the town’s topmost point, this hill fort has a mediaeval floor plan, although it has been restored several times over the centuries, and what now remains is primarily the late Renaissance structure. Historical sources mention various details about the Castle, but unfortunately they are no longer visible. For example, it is known that two towers (of which no trace remains) once surrounded the main building. It also once had a curtain wall, of which only a small part remains in Via Sottocastello. According to these sources, the main entrance to the building was the majestic staircase that used to be in what is now Via Roma.

What can still be seen today is evidence of the succession of feudal families that once owned the fortress, such as the rampant lion crest of the Della Leonessa family on one of the doorways. Part of the mystique of this castle comes from the large number of owners, notably Giambattista Basile (1566-1632), who resided there as governor of Montemarano between 1615 and 1616, when he completed the first draft of his famous work "Lo Cunto de li Cunti".

Since being restored in 2015, Montemarano Castle has hosted a number of exhibitions including MuVIM (Eco-Museum of Wine) and has been restored to its ancient splendour, now projected into the present day.

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Via Sottocastello, 83040 Montemarano AV, Italia
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Castello di Montemarano

Via Sottocastello, 83040 Montemarano AV, Italia

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