Marchionale Castle, also known as “Marchionale Palace”, is a site of historical interest in the historic centre of Taurasi.

It was probably built in the 7th century AD, during the period of Lombard rule. After it was destroyed by the Saracens between 900 and 910, the building was extended by the Normans in the 12th century and a keep was added. Taurasi Castle has been altered many times over the years and has seen a succession of owners, including the De Taurasi, Gesualdo, Caracciolo, Pignatelli and Carafa families.

Today, this historic building is owned by the Municipality. After several restoration works, in 2006 it was converted into the seat of the Enoteca Regionale (Regional Wine Cellar), located on the second floor. On the floor below are the stables, including a sensory pathway where visitors can learn all about the Taurasi DOCG, Fiano Avellino DOCG and Greco di Tufo DOCG wines. Noteworthy features of the Marchionale Castle include the rooms of people linked to the town’s history, notably the “Stanza del Principe” or Prince’s Room, where Carlo Gesualdo, one of Italy’s best-known composers, was born in 1566. Another beautiful space is the Chapel of San Pietro (Saint Peter) a Castello where there is a fine marble altar and a vault decorated with angels. 

Visiting this historic building in Taurasi is an authentic journey of discovery into the culture of this village, from its history and art to the fine red wine of Irpinia.

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Largo Duomo, 1, 83030 Taurasi AV, Italia
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Castello Marchionale

Largo Duomo, 1, 83030 Taurasi AV, Italia

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