The Church of Santa Maria del Carmine e San Liberatore (Saint Mary of Mount Carmel and Saint Liberator), also known as the Church of Carmel, is a place of worship in Mugnano del Cardinale

Built in the 17th century, it overlooks the main road through the town: Via Nazionale. A small flight of steps leads up to the Church entrance. Its façade, in late Baroque style, is adorned with a splendid stone portal topped by a votive shrine with a small statue of the Madonna. To the side, the elevation is flanked by a bell tower on multiple levels, which also contains a clock. 

Inside, at the end of the single nave, stands the 18th-century high altar, expertly crafted from varicoloured marble and depicting the Virgin of Carmel. The sacred furnishings consist of a number of statues and artworks. To the side are the statues of Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Liberator, paintings of the Madonna and Child and of repenting souls. The statues date back to 1660 and are attributed to the painter Angelo Mozzillo, who also painted the lunettes depicting "The Allegory of Faith", "The Resurrection of Christ” and “Saint Cecilia”. The walls, framed by stuccoes, are adorned by the paintings of Paolo De Majo (1703-1784), namely the "The Dormition of Saint Joseph" from 1768 and the "Lady of Carmel with Saint Nicholas and Saint Januarius" from 1732.

A place of worship much cherished by the community of Mugnano, the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine e San Liberatore has attracted a devoted following over the centuries, alongside that towards Saint Philomena, the patron saint of this town in Lower Irpinia.

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Via Nazionale, 112, 83027 Mugnano del Cardinale AV, Italia
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081 5112519
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Chiesa dei SS. Maria del Carmine e Liberatore

Via Nazionale, 112, 83027 Mugnano del Cardinale AV, Italia

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