It is located in the upper part of the Sorbo district, along the road that leads to the Capuchin Convent. 
The Church, dedicated to the "Santissimo Crocifisso" (Holy Crucifix), is also known as the Church of "Santa Teresa". It was built in 1686 in the hamlet of Sorbo Soprano thanks to the munificence of the Ronca family from Solofra, who controlled the hamlet, by the will of Donato Antonio.

The adjacent convent was built in 1692 and completed in 1697 at the behest of the canon of Solofra and the prothonotary apostolic, Giovan Vittorio Ronchi, who was buried at the church in 1742. It became a cloistered monastery in 1703.

The Church is one of the best examples of sacred architecture in Solofra, as the unknown builder constructed the complex with an octagonal matrix, giving the site an architectural layout that was absolutely original for Solofra at the time. The 18th-century façade is divided into two registers by protruding cornices; the lower aspect features a huge chestnut wood doorway surmounted by an arch supported by stone pillars, which is accessed via a stone staircase, very small compared to the original size due to the bombings of the last war. The interior has a Greek cross layout and preserves the canvas painting the "Crucifixion" (1686) by Francesco Solimena, positioned on a side altar in polychrome marble, a splendid example of Neapolitan Baroque craftsmanship. On the opposite altar is the painting on canvas by Paolo di Majo, a painter in the Solimena school. Likewise of great value is the wooden polychrome statue of "Saint Anne and the Virgin as a Child", from the studio of Giacomo Colombo. Finally, the bones of Eusebia the Virgin and Martyr are venerated inside the Church, brought there by the founder from the catacombs in Rome.

From its construction until a few months ago, the monastery was run by the Carmelite nuns, who carried out charity and aid work to support children. Over the years, however, in part due to the vocational crisis, the number of nuns running the convent has progressively declined. Today, in fact, after almost a hundred years, the Carmelite nuns have definitively left the convent, having been recalled to the General Motherhouse of the Carmelite nuns in Rome.



Grado di accessibilita
Limited accessibility
Informazioni di prenotazione
Per eventuali prenotazioni, rivolgersi all'hub del distretto 6, sito presso il Convento di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Montoro (AV), in via Municipio
Recapito telefonico: 08251831479
Comune di riferimento
Via Sorbo Soprano, 47
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The church and the convent are now closed. However, upon reservation it is possible to visit them

Poligono GEO

Chiesa e convento di santa Teresa

Via Sorbo Soprano, 47

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