The Church of Santa Maria di Loreto is a place of worship located in Via Cardinale Dell’Olio, Montefalcione. It is part of a larger complex of buildings once used as a convent, and which now houses the municipal offices, among other things.

The Church was built in 1577 by the Congregation of Brothers of Montevergine. It initially belonged to Franciscan monks (known as the Friars Minor) and was dedicated to Saint Felician - whose remains were also kept there during the early 19th century - before passing to the Benedictine “Verginian” congregation, who named the Church after the Lady of Loreto. With the birth of a new parish in Montefalcione in the early 20th century, the name was finally changed to “Santa Maria di Loreto”.

Today, the complex consists of a beautiful church comprising a cloistered courtyard, bell tower, a large vegetable garden and a number of farmhouses.  
The sacristy of the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto contains a number of sacred furnishings including the remarkable high altar, surmounted by a large painting and effigies of saints. Other notable features include the baldachin, which overhangs four gold-embossed chandeliers; the altar depicting Saint Mary of Montevergine, Saint Lucy and Saint Marena; the altar of San Gregorio; the altar of the Sanitissimo (Blessed) and the altar of San Rosario with painting. 

Inside the Church complex is a series of workshops, chambers, two store rooms, stables, four halls, the dormitory, refectory and anteroom, around twenty bedrooms and the travellers’ quarters. 

As the hub of the town’s municipal and religious life, the splendid building that houses the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto is vitally important to the community of Montefalcione.

Via Cardinale dell'Olio, 7, 83030 Montefalcione AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

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0825 973021
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Chiesa Santa Maria di Loreto

Via Cardinale dell'Olio, 7, 83030 Montefalcione AV, Italia

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