The old Loffredo Orphanage is a place of historic interest in Monteforte Irpino, in the street of the same name.

Originally constructed to provide shelter for local orphans, the building was formally opened in December 1842 after it was commissioned by Prince Lodovico Venceslao Loffredo - the last descendant of the family that for centuries administered the fief of Monteforte - who wanted to build a home for children who had experienced such a difficult start in life. During the Fascist period, the orphanage was unfortunately the scene of one of the most tragic episodes in the town’s history: it was turned into a concentration camp for inmates defined “dangerous”. Deprived of their freedom, the prisoners were forced to survive on minimal rations of just one meal a day.

Today, the old orphanage has been brought back to life as the municipal hall, and the imposing neo-gothic structure has been preserved. Externally, the large letters that defined the building’s original purpose are still clear to see. A flight of steps leads up to the building, which has a balustrade running along the length of the façade, with four double stone pillars on which lampposts are mounted. The yellow-plastered façade has a white plasterwork cornice whose unbroken symmetrical decoration is also repeated on the front of the small clock tower, with a wind façade placed atop the building. On top of the clock tower is a wrought-iron cage containing two bells.

A masterful example of architecture and a precious gift to the local community, the old Loffredo Orphanage is one of the most striking and important buildings in this Irpinian town.

Via Loffredo, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia
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Ex Orfanotrofio Loffredo

Via Loffredo, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia

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