Amid the hills of Montoro is Saint Michael's Cave or Angel’s Cave, made entirely from a natural cavity. 
It was mentioned for the first time in the Chronicon Cavanese, so in all probability it dates back to 841 and was a way for the Lombards to pay homage to the patron saint. 
The Cave consists of two natural caverns with their own openings. In one of the two there are numerous natural inlets that form mini stalactites, while the other houses a marble altar with a niche, inside which is kept a statue of the saint intent on defeating Lucifer. 
Inside, there are also two frescoes made by hermit monks, which have unfortunately been ruined by humidity. One depicts Saint Michael and the other the Madonna surrounded by the saints. 
Every Easter Monday, pilgrims come to the Cave to ring the bell to receive the protection of the saint, mainly against the problems of childbirth. 

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Grado di accessibilita
Limited accessibility
Informazioni di prenotazione
Distretto 6, Convento di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Montoro (AV), in via Municipio.
Tel. 0825-1831479
Comune di riferimento
SP88, 83025 Montoro Inferiore AV, Italia
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Opening on reservations.

Poligono GEO

Grotta di San Michele

SP88, 83025 Montoro Inferiore AV, Italia

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