Vittoli Palace is a place of historical interest located in Castelfranci, in Via Roma, near the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Soccorso (Our Lady of Perpetual Help).

Nestled among the hills and the flourishing vineyards of the Calore Valley, in the historic centre of the Irpinian town, it is a refined structure in neoclassical style, with Art Nouveau makeovers from the early 20th century. The date engraved on the coat of arms of the entrance portal marks its year of construction, 1818. According to reliable historical sources, during the Renaissance, the building was the headquarters of the Carboneria which, in Castelfranci, was one of the most aggressive groups in the province of Avellino. The Castelfranci "sale" was known as "I Difensori della Patria" (The Defenders of the Homeland) and was headed by Captain Casimiro Celli, portrayed in full uniform in an old painting on display in the residence. The name of the building is linked to the Vittoli family, who acquired it when Captain Celli and his brother Basilio, treasurer of the sale, were imprisoned and never returned to Castelfranci.

The typical magnificence of stately homes is preserved in this marvellous structure by vigorous walls that exude the history of Italy. From the Palace gate, a well-kept garden leads to a monumental portal that welcomes you to the period residence with its essential lines and elegant, refined interiors that still preserve precious antique furnishings. Impressive staircases, rooms adorned with busts and wall decorations contribute to making Vittoli Palace "of particularly important historical and artistic interest", according to the description provided by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of Salerno and Avellino.

Today the building, with its lush panorama of the surrounding vineyards and the suggestive wine cellar made of bare stone for the tasting of the great wines of the Irpinia lands, hosts important holidays and events, an ideal destination for all those who wish to discover the beauty and culinary excellence of this land.

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Via Roma, 28, 83040 Castelfranci AV, Italia
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Palazzo Vittoli

Via Roma, 28, 83040 Castelfranci AV, Italia

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