The Conference promoted for Sunday 02 July, at 18.00, by the keeper of the Goleto, Don Salvatore Sciannamea, will be dedicated to the poetry of the Divine Comedy, to talk about it will be Prof. Nicola Prebenna, passionate popularizer of the Sacred Poem, to whom he also dedicated a essay entitled "Meeting with Dante / Freedom goes looking for", published by Prometheus Edizioni, Milan.

The theme of the conference is "The Divine Comedy - Poem of the journey inside and out".

It is Prebenna himself who explains how "The poem aims to be the representation of a journey which is first of all a personal experience, which then becomes the figure of a journey which affects every man individually considered and the whole community in which the human experience it is realized and it is true. The journey to which Dante gives life is a path of conversion, of detachment from everything that prevents him from rising to the practice of good and the full enjoyment of happiness, which consists in reaching God, from whom everything originated and to whom everything comes back. Unless he and with him every man let themselves be seduced by the charms of evil, selfishness, attachment to material goods. What the poet describes of the three otherworldly realms is nothing but the representation of catharsis, of the process in which the will of the poet is involved who, having become aware of the evil, moves away from it and, after having begun to taste the beauty of the good, he makes himself worthy of gaining full possession of happiness, of the Highest Good, of God. And when Dante arrives at the end of the process, of the journey, the regeneration has taken place and the absolute triumph of Beauty and Good has been accomplished. The process of regeneration, the need for metanoia is not limited to the personal experience (within) of the poet, but through it becomes the dutiful path of all society, of all humanity (beyond). And for this reason Dante is not only the poet par excellence, but he is a prophet, the one who believes he has to carry out a mission: to bring every man, the community in its entirety, to overcome evil and to take himself ever higher, up to being hired , embraced by God, by the one who moves the sun and the other stars”.


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Contrada San Guglielmo, 83054 Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi AV, Italia
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dalle 18:00

Poligono GEO

Abbazia del Goleto

Contrada San Guglielmo, 83054 Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi AV, Italia

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