The Del Balzo Palace, also known as "Cenci-Bolognetti Palace", is a place of historical interest located in San Martino Valle Caudina.

The building, erected in the 17th century, is linked to the Del Balzo family, originally from San Martino and known for producing illustrious figures, such as the liberal deputies Carlo (1853-1908) and Girolamo (1846-1917). The members of the family were initially the barons of Mensa and vassals of the Della Leonessa family. In 1917, Marianna Antonia Del Balzo, daughter of Girolamo, married Mario Cenci Bolognetti (1889-1956); this is why the building is also known by the name of the historic Roman family, owners of the Principality of Vicovaro until the Capture of Rome in 1870.

The structure of the Del Balzo Palace still consists of a 17th-century nucleus, recognisable in the basement, the stables, and the wall decorations, then transformed in the 19th century in line with the dictates of the neo-Gothic style, clearly expressed in the imposing archways, skilfully worked in local stone. The building has an "L"-shaped layout divided by a staircase which, preceded by a beautiful entrance ramp, serves floors that are not always at the same level. Of particular interest are the outdoor baths that connect to the crenellated terrace, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Pignatelli Della Leonessa Castle and the village below, with Partenio mountains as a backdrop. Finally, only some of the decorations on the façade are preserved, consisting of relief cornices, stucco mascarons, and tripartite windows.

The Del Balzo Palace is now in less than ideal conditions, but still retains its charming character.

Via Cavour, 83018 San Martino Valle Caudina AV, Italia
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Palazzo Del Balzo

Via Cavour, 83018 San Martino Valle Caudina AV, Italia

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