The review 'OttoperOtto: Otto fotografi, Otto racconti' continues with a new photographic exhibition.

On Wednesday 12 July at 18.00 it opens in the Archaeological section of the Palazzo della Cultura​​​​​​​ “Terra di vino, terra divina’’, the photographic exhibition by Aldo Marrone dedicated to one of the excellences of Irpinia: wine.

The exhibition is in fact the story of the work behind the production of wine, a tiring but happy job, "because when you harvest you are happy".

The photographs on display compare new and old generations, the latter enriched by ancient experience and improved by modern knowledge that generates new energies. In the background, landscapes cut into geometric shapes, like real works of design, deliberately depicted in color to tell and convey "the beautiful".

Indeed, as he himself states  Marrone: “Today more than ever we need beauty, form and substance, it becomes a need, a question of redemption towards our ancient ancestors. Respect for nature is 'beauty', practicing beauty brings goodness and goodness to justice".

The review, now in its third of eight scheduled exhibitions, is coordinated by Antonio Bergamino and promoted by the Province of Avellino with the technical-scientific coordination of the Irpino Museum and the Capone Library.

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Poligono GEO

Museo Irpino

Corso Europa, 251, 83100 Avellino AV, Italia

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