The "Tirata del Giglio" (Dragging of the Lily) is a traditional and religious event that takes place annually in Villanova del Battista on 27 August.

A particularly important event for the Villanova community, which starts organising this feast at the beginning of July, the "Tirata del Giglio" is part of the "Straw Carts and Lilies" tradition, which is widespread in the towns of the Ufita Valley. Preparations begin with the harvesting of the wild oats and the reaping of the wheat, which is still cut by hand so that the stalk is still long and can then be artistically woven into the decorative elements used to cover the "Giglio" (Lily), a pyramid-shaped obelisk that can reach a height of 28 metres.

This feast is a votive offering from the Villanova community to Saint John the Baptist, and the celebrations begin on the Sunday before 27 August, when the ritual of the raising of the lily, from a horizontal to a vertical position, takes place. After the dragging, the lily remains in front of the Church of the Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption), in Piazza Aldo Moro, until the first Tuesday in October, the feast day of Saint Roch.

The "Tirata del Giglio", therefore, does not last just one day, but starts long before, involving all the inhabitants of the town, immersed in a unique atmosphere.

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Via Fornace, 16/A, 83030 Villanova del Battista AV, Italia
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Villanova del Battista

Via Fornace, 16/A, 83030 Villanova del Battista AV, Italia

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