The Flute Museum is situated in Manocalzati, inside the Arts Room, and is managed by the Igor Stravinsky Association.

This private collection of musical instruments is curated by the flautist and composer Alessandro Crosta. The collection comprises 45 flutes including an original Ziegler-Wien, an original Schwedler and a Pratten Simple System, a Besson, a Cabarat, a Rudell Carte, a Meyer and an authentic late 18th-century flageolet.

The aim of the museum’s curator is to restore these now obsolete instruments to their former glory and also to give an accurate, detailed account of the history of the flute and its evolution from the early keywork system, much in vogue until the classical period, through to the late 19th-century Boehm system. The museum is supported by donations of other instruments and funds that have helped to further enrich the already varied repertoire of Mr. Crosta, who is known worldwide for his work in curating this museum and for his continual research and experimentation with new musical techniques.

The Flute Museum is known all over Italy and internationally for its wind instrument exhibits, and is inspired by passion, curiosity and a love for music. 

Comune di riferimento
Via Provinciale, 89, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia
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Poligono GEO

Museo del Flauto Traverso

Via Provinciale, 89, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia

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