The Museum of Technology, Culture and Rural Activity of Upper Irpinia is located in Via Giuseppe Fischetti in Guardia Lombardi.

The exhibition documents the history of the town of Lombard origins with around 480 exhibits and 501 photographs, artefacts and tools. The exhibition spaces also reproduce some typical environments of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. At the entrance, a map showing the place names of the ancient Via Appia, which crosses the Guardia area, and a photographic exhibition illustrate the historical memory of the districts and the original town centre. The exhibition looks at customs and traditions, including farming traditions, with a display of work tools such as the handmade cart, the wooden plough and the "varchera", the ancient grape press.

The exhibition is divided into several rooms; a typical council chamber is furnished with a 19th-century oval table, a cabinet archive of civil status registers and the first typewriter purchased by the Municipality, as well as the first rural radio from 1931. The tour continues in a domestic environment, where a medieval kitchen is reproduced and a bedroom where the "canestra", the wicker basket used by the bride to carry her dowry to her new marital home, is on display. A photographic exhibition on ancient costumes and exhibition rooms with additional agricultural and craft tools bear witness to the activities and trades that have characterised and enriched the history, culture and traditions of the Guardia community and which, in the museum environment, find their charm, reviving their memory.

Aimed at rediscovering the culture, customs and traditions of Upper Irpinia, the Museum represents important cultural heritage preserved in the Guardia area.

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Via Giuseppe Fischetti, 31, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia
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0827 41736
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Museo delle Tecnologie, della Cultura e della Civiltà Contadina dell'Alta Irpinia

Via Giuseppe Fischetti, 31, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia

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