Aterrana is a historic village full of colours from another era, a community waiting to be discovered and appreciated, in the heart of Irpinia. 
Uphill, along those first hairpin bends that lead to the Pizzo di San Michele, stands out a small town spared by the ravages of time and the irresponsible hand of man. At the apex of the climb up to the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces), you reach Aterrana, a hamlet of Montoro Superiore, a historic village that has remained unchanged over the decades, surviving even the earthquake of 1980 that irreparably changed the scenery and the fate of Irpinia. 
Aterrana is a historic village located on the slopes of the Taurina chain; it most likely dates back to pre-Roman times and today boasts views and narrow streets of clear medieval influence. Aterrana is an evocative and rare union of history, art, culture, and traditions of a bygone era, preserved over the centuries and waiting to be discovered by admirers and tourists.


Montoro Nord exit

Towards S. Martino a Torchiati 

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Totally accessible
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Distretto 6, Via Municipio c/o Convento Santa Maria Degli Angeli.
Tel. 0825-1831479
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Borgo di Aterrana

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