The Chapel of Santa Maria dei Bossi is a place of historic interest situated in Casalbore, approximately 2 km from the town centre.

This is certainly the oldest place of worship in Casalbore. It dates back to pagan times, thus preceding the arrival of Christianity in this area, but it is not easy to date accurately. According to several archaeological studies, the chapel was built on the ruins of a Roman funeral monument dating from the second century AD. In any case, the first mention dates back to a document from 452, from which we learn that the building was not dedicated only to the Virgin Mary, but also to Saint John the Baptist.

After the Chapel of Santa Maria dei Bossi was abandoned towards the end of the 1940s, the building was used for several years as a stable and the statue of the Virgin Mary was moved to another church in Casalbore. More recently, in recognition of the building’s important archaeological legacy, a restoration project was organised by the Archaeological Superintendency for the provinces of Salerno, Avellino and Benevento together with the Mountain Community of the Ufita Valley of Ariano Irpino. 

Known by the townspeople simply as the “Chapel of Mary" this small rural church is strong testimony to the presence of early Christian communities in the area of Casalbore. 

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Strada Statale 90bis, 1, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia
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Cappella di Santa Maria dei Bossi

Strada Statale 90bis, 1, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia

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