The Municipality of Casalbore is located within the area of the Cervaro-Miscano Valley. It's a town with 1,754 inhabitants, located 601 metres above sea level, at 55 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 28.09 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Buonalbergo, Ginestra degli Schiavoni, Montecalvo Irpino and San Giorgio La Molara.  
The etymology of the name derives from the association of “Casale” (farmhouse) with a personal name, perhaps Albulus or Albolus, then with time becoming Arburus with juxtaposition in the meaning to the Latin term arbore (tree), so Casalbore could mean “farmhouse of the trees”. The inhabitants are called Casalboresi and Our Lady of the Snow is their patron saint. 


  • Norman Castle and Tower - Defensive structure in Gothic style, made of local grey stone, which surrounds the Norman Tower, dating back to the 12th century and located at the highest point of Casalbore
  • Chapel of Santa Maria dei Bossi - It is the oldest sacred place in the town, dating back as far as pagan times, before the advent of Christianity 
  • Museum of the Castles - In the premises of the castle area that flanks the Norman Tower, there is an educational-exhibition route, dedicated to the castles of the province of Avellino
  • Cave of Saint Michael the Archangel - Refuge of the early Christians during the persecutions of the Romans, presents a stone altar and an effigy of Saint Michael the Archangel
  • Archaeological area of the Italic Temple of Casalbore - The archaeological site offers the remains of a six-column Roman temple, probably dedicated to the Goddess Mefitis and destroyed during the Punic Wars (215 BC)
  • Samnite Necropolis - Archaeological area located on the route of Regio Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela and dating back to the 5th-4th century BC 
  • Historic Centre - Characteristic old village that stands out for its low stone buildings and stone-paved streets
  • Church of the Franciscan Convent - Dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, it is flanked by the Convent of the Friars Minor
  • Palaces - Maraviglia Palace, Gallo Palace, Caracciolo Palace, Bruno Palace, De Matteis Palace
  • Historical routes - Regio Tratturo (old transhumance route) Pescasseroli-Candela, Via Francigena of the South, Via Micaelica
  • Nature trails - The Walk of the Fifty Springs, Eco-naturalistic Path on Mount Calvello


  • Feast of Our Lady of the Snow - Religious celebration in honour of the patron saint, takes place in August
  • Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua - Religious event, takes place in June
  • Feast of Santa Maria dei Bossi - Religious event, takes place in September
  • Casalbore Art Festival - Artistic and cultural event that takes place in the heart of the historic centre of Casalbore, takes place in August
  • Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel - Religious event, takes place in May      


  • Speuta PAT - Also called “speutona”, it is a graing that corresponds to the triticum spelta, the major spelt used for the production of breads and soups by the Italic populations
  • Irpinia Colline dell’Ufita PDO - Extra virgin olive oil deriving largely from the Ravece variety, characterised by a pleasant bitter and spicy taste 
  • Caciocavallo Silano PDO - Semi-hard cheese, with spun curd, produced with milk from different breeds of cows, including Podolica 
  • Other products - Pecorino cheese and sheep meat from Laticauda      


The territory is rich in healthy waters, so much so that Casalbore is called “Town of fifty springs”. This abundance of water, which in the past allowed the construction of several mills and which today makes the village a green garden, also sees the presence of a source of sulphurous water (Pietra Piccola locality) and a sulphurous-ferruginous-sodium spring (at the aquifer of the Miscano). 
Casalbore borders three municipalities of the Sannio (Buonalbergo, Ginestra degli Schiavoni and San Giorgio La Molara), while the only neighbouring municipality in the province of Avellino is that of Montecalvo Irpino


Thanks to archaeological finds unearthed in Casalbore, it is known that since ancient times this territory, crossed by the Regio Tratturo (old transhumance route) Pescasseroli-Candela, has been inhabited by different populations and that, in pre-Roman times, the town consisted of a scattering of farms
In particular, among these finds, a necropolis of tumulus tombs is particularly relevant, whose construction can be dated between the second half of the 6th century BC and the first half of the following century.  
In Roman times, however, Casalbore was part of the territory of Benevento and, even in this era, the settlement was scattered in its layout. The first mention of Casalbore dates back to 452. Subsequently, with the collapse of the Roman Empire, the village was merged with the Duchy of Benevento and later occupied by the Saracens, before being conquered by the Normans in 1042: the latter, in 1096, with the creation of the Kingdom, attributed Casalbore to the county of Ariano Irpino. Subsequently, it was involved in the wars between the Papacy and the Swabians for the control of Benevento. It ended up, therefore, in the hands first of the Sforza family, then of the Guevara family and, finally, of Alfonso of Aragon who, in 1497, ceded it to the Caracciolo family, feudal lords until 1806.


Casalbore is a genuine world that has preserved knowledge, rituals and aspects of peasant life and culture, crossed by paths that have existed for thousands of years, which one can follow. A mix of nature and history that, when visited in autumn will allow you to immerse yourself and admire the colour of the vegetation so colourful and so alive as to seem surreal 
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Piazza Municipio, 1, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia
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Piazza Municipio, 1, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia


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