The Castle of Casalbore, with the attached Norman Tower, is an architectural complex of historical interest located in Piazza XI Febbraio.

The fortress is based on a defensive structure in Gothic style which, over the centuries, has suffered various damages caused by earthquakes and other man-made events. Made of local grey stone and with five entrance gates, the Castle surrounds the Norman Tower, which dates back to the 12th century. Although it has undergone several transformations over time, the architectural complex still bears witness to the construction techniques of the Normans, to whom we owe the establishment of the community and the town.

The Tower, located at the highest point of the town, obviously represented a strategic observation point over the Miscano Valley and, therefore, of fundamental importance for defence. Its structure develops around a large parade ground, which can be accessed through a door, called "Porta Beneventana", built in the lower part of the Tower itself, probably after the original construction. 

A historical symbol of the Casalbore community, the castle area of Casalbore is home to an exhibition space, the Museum of Castles, created thanks to the collaboration between the Terre di Campania Cultural Association and the municipal administration.

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Piazza XI Febbraio, 14, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia
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Castello e Torre Normanna di Casalbore

Piazza XI Febbraio, 14, 83034 Casalbore AV, Italia

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