The Vincenzo Camuso Chapel is a place of historical and religious interest in Bonito, in Via Belvedere.

Once known as the "Congregation of Buona Morte" (Good Death), it was built in the crypt of what was once the Church of the Annunciation, also known as the "Church of the Oratory", demolished after the 1962 earthquake. This chapel houses the mummy of a mysterious character who has been venerated by the people of Bonita for about two hundred years. The chapel, also known by the inhabitants of Bonito as the Chapel of "Zi' Vicienzo", is named after this character, whose name and surname are frequently found in parish registers, but of whom there is no information from historical sources. 

The walls of the small building are lined with votive offerings since 'Zi' Vicienzo' is venerated as a saint capable of performing miracles. He remains, however, a figure somewhere between the sacred and the profane: according to some, he was a surgeon who performed miraculous operations at night; according to others, he was a monk; according to others, he was a ruthless avenger who appeared in a dream to anyone who offended him or questioned him. 

The myth of Vincenzo Camuso lives on, between religion and superstition, thanks not only to this splendid cultural heritage but also to the numerous gifts offered by the local community and the many faithful from all over the world.

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Via Belvedere, 83032 Bonito AV, Italia
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Via Belvedere, 83032 Bonito AV, Italia

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