Susanna Castle is a place of interest located in Zungoli, in the historic centre of one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages

A certain Leander Juncolo or Curolo, a Norman captain, is credited with the construction of an initial stronghold called Castrum Curoli at the time - from whose name, after various transformations, the name of the municipality would also derive - and known today as Susanna Castle (more precisely, Susanna Castle of the Marquises of San Eligio). In 1800, the Castle was sold by the Loffredo family to the Susanna family, who still owns it today and whose coat of arms is painted on the barrel vault in the entrance hall.

The building originally had a square layout and four cylindrical corner towers. Its defensive function remained largely unchanged until the Aragonese era, but under the Loffredo family, centuries later, it was transformed into a noble residence. The entrance to the Susanna Castle is characterised by a staircase enclosed between two semicircular wings, which border a large wrought-iron gate. The inner courtyard, paved in stone, gives access to the residential rooms on the second floor, where you can admire the monumental fireplace.

A historic symbol of the Zungoli community, Susanna Castle is nowadays a unique experience of life lived by people who loved and still love, this beautiful and suggestive Irpinian village.

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Via Castello, 7, 83030 Zungoli AV, Italia
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Castello dei Susanna

Via Castello, 7, 83030 Zungoli AV, Italia

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