Montefalcione Castle is a site of historic interest in the old centre of this Irpinian town.

Erected at the highest point of the town centre, over the centuries the hill fort lost its original Lombard structure and was converted into a noble palace, which then became a private residence. Even today, “Castello” is the name given by the people of Montefalcione to the part of the historic centre that runs from Via Roma to Via Cardinale Dell’Olio including Piazza Marconi and Via Sant’Antonio Abate. For this reason, the building's name has been preserved to the present day. 

The main architectural feature, which identifies the building’s original defensive purpose, is the circular 13th-century tower visible on the eastern side. Along with a further three towers, which are no longer standing, this structure marked out a rectangular plan that has now been engulfed by the modern-day building. Climbing the steps, you can also catch a glimpse of what remains of the back of the original manor house, which is now in ruins.

Montefalcione Castle is a site of particular historic and cultural interest, as over the centuries it has maintained its close bond with the town centre, of which it is now an integral part.

Via Castello, 83030 Montefalcione AV, Italia
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Castello di Montefalcione

Via Castello, 83030 Montefalcione AV, Italia

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