The Castle of San Barbato is situated in the hamlet named after it, in the Municipality of Manocalzati.

A hill fort overlooking the mediaeval village and the whole of the Sabato Valley, the Castle was built in the Lombard period, probably as early as the 7th-8th centuries as evidenced by the canonisation of Saint Barbatus, Bishop of Benevento, at the time when the Lombards converted to Christianity. Inside there is also a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael, to whom the invaders were particularly devoted.  
The existence of the Castle of San Barbato was officially recorded for the first time in a parchment dating from 1146. The document, kept in the library of Montevergine, describes an encounter between Piero, the lord of the nearby Serra Castle, and Malfrido, the lord of San Barbato, during which they attempted to settle a dispute about the ownership of land on the border of their respective territories. 
During the centuries that followed, the Castle’s fortunes were tied to those of the village, which was an independent municipality until 1869. At various points in history it has been owned by the Filangieri, Albertino, Gattola and Patroni Griffi families.

Today, the Castle of San Barbato has all the characteristics of a 15th-century Aragonese fortress, despite retaining some of the typical features of the Lombard period. The structure is low and quadrangular with corner towers at the top of the main body of the Castle enclosing the inner ward, and has a flight of steps opening out into the space below. Compared to similar fortresses, there is a peculiarity about this castle: the two towers on the southern side are circular with a sloping base, whereas the other two on the northern side have squared edges
The portal stands at the top of a high flight of steps, leading to the inner ward, visible from all the ground-floor rooms with their large barrel-vaulted ceilings. There is also a stunning panoramic terrace, from which visitors can enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Sabato Valley.

As one of the most beautiful noble residences in Irpinia, the Castle of San Barbato lives on even today, as a venue for many activities and cultural events.

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Frazione San Barbato, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia
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Castello di San Barbato

Frazione San Barbato, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia

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