The Norman Castle of Ariano Irpino stands on the top of the hill of the same name (Colle Castello) and is located inside the Municipal Villa. 

Of Lombard origin, later restored and enlarged by the Normans, the Norman Castle dominates the Ufita Valley and the Miscano and Cervaro valleys. In addition to standing out for its strategic position and trapezoidal shape, the Castle has four truncated cone towers, interconnected by corridors that open along the perimeter walls. At the top stands the ancient ruin of the keep, from which, as ancient authors claim, it is possible to see the Gulf of Manfredonia. It is not only the harshness of the site and the strength of the solid walls that made it impenetrable but also the intriguing network of underground roads that ran beyond the walls (Madonna di Loreto, Guardia and Pasteni). 

The Castle also houses the Museum of Norman Civilisation, which displays around 200 authentic weapons from various periods and, above all, a large model of the Battle of Hastings of 1066, which reconstructs a decisive event in the history of the Normans in Europe. 

For centuries, the Norman Castle of Ariano Irpino has been a significant example not only of the presence of the Nordic peoples in Irpinia but also of their architectural and cultural impact on the province of Avellino. Located at the highest and most panoramic point of the town, it offers a vast horizon to the eye, ranging from the Benevento and Montefusco territories to the Camporeale plain and the Apulian gorges.

Via Castello, 83031, Ariano Irpino AV, Italia
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Castello Normanno di Ariano Irpino

Via Castello, 83031, Ariano Irpino AV, Italia

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