The Church of San Marco Evangelista (Saint Mark the Evangelist) is the Mother Church of Manocalzati and is situated in the square named after the Church, which characterises the historic centre of this Irpinian town.

The origins of this religious building are unknown. Some sources believe that it dates back to the 12th century, while others place it later, in the mid-16th century. What is certain is that the Church was dedicated to the worship of Saint Mark the Evangelist, very popular among the local community thanks to the trade fairs frequently held in nearby Atripalda and the trade routes established along Via Nucerina, between the cities on the Amalfi coast and the Campanian hinterland. 

The Church of San Marco Evangelista has been restored several times thanks to the generosity of its congregation, most notably after the mission of the Fathers of Saint Vincent de Paul in 1826. In 1986, the parish of San Marco was joined with the parish of San Barbato, a hamlet of Manocalzati with particular historical interest.

Today, the Church stands out for its façade, featuring a beautiful stone doorway, and its 17th-century bell tower. On the walls, visitors can still see a block of stone from many centuries past, depicting two half-busts of Saints Peter and Paul. Inside the Church there are still several 18th-century paintings depicting scenes from the lives of saints, which add to the beautiful interior of the building.

A majestic and solemn place, the Church of San Marco Evangelista is one of the symbols of the historic centre of Manocalzati.

Comune di riferimento
Piazza San Marco, 16, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

Numero di telefono
0825 675031
Poligono GEO

Chiesa di San Marco Evangelista

Piazza San Marco, 16, 83030 Manocalzati AV, Italia

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