The Church of San Martino Vescovo (Saint Martin of Tours) stands in Monteforte Irpino on the hill of the same name, close to the castle ruins.

Dedicated to the patron saint of Monteforte, the Church was mentioned for the first time in a document dating from 1279. A serious earthquake completely destroyed the Church in 1456, but it was rebuilt three years later thanks to the Loffredo family. Over the centuries, other disasters (including the violent quake of 23 November 1980) have caused serious structural damage, examples being the collapse of the ceiling and of the 16th-century cupola in 1805. Despite this, the Church has been magnificently restored to its former glory.

The façade, flanked to the left by an imposing bell tower, is adorned with three oval-shaped windows and an entrance portal built from piperno stone jambs surmounted by architraves and an arch lain on blocks of sculpted stone. The architrave bears the words “A.D. 8 de Magio 1549”. The Church has a main nave and two aisles, separated by three piers. The right-hand aisle contains the Chapel of San Martino, protected by a wrought-iron railing, expertly crafted but unfortunately now lacking the ornaments that once adorned it. The left-hand aisle is more ornate, and houses the fine marble altars dedicated to Saint Lucy and Saint Anthony. On the main altar there is a painting of “The Miracle of Saint Martin” by the artist Massimo Marano. Finally, there is a finely-worked marble baptismal font with the effigies of the patron saint. 

A religious symbol for the Monteforte community, the Church of San Martino offers a spectacular view not only of the town below, but also of the enchanting landscape that surrounds it.

Via Portella di Sopra, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

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0825 753038
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Chiesa di San Martino Vescovo

Via Portella di Sopra, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia

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