The Convent of San Giovanni del Palco (Saint John) is a religious complex located in Taurano, on the street of the same name about 1 km from the village centre.

Its construction began in 1383 at the behest of Niccolò Orsini and it owes its name to the fact that the promontory on which it stands is like a base that supports it ("palco" is the Italian word for "stage"), overlooking the Lauro Valley below. The construction works were completed in 1396 but, over time, the complex underwent some modifications, such as those in 1640 that led to the construction of the bell tower, which bears four bells and rises over the entire monumental complex.

Today, the convent includes a magnificent quadrilateral cloister, dating back to the 17th century, surrounded by octagonal pillars and frescoed walls with scenes from the life of Saint Francis and the first Franciscan martyrs. The Church has a single nave, on the sides of which there are five chapels housing stone slabs and engravings. At the end of the nave, a splendid wooden altar rises like a tower, built around 1650 by Friar Giuseppe da Soleto; it bears an imposing and valuable cherry wood tabernacle, divided into three overlapping architectural levels, with a cupola and pedestal. The remarkable sacred furnishings consist of: an admirable wooden choir on two levels, dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist; wooden statues likewise from the 17th century; and a precious collection of frescoes and artistic paintings that adorn the walls of the sacred space, some of them from the Neapolitan school, such as "The Resurrection of Christ", kept in the homonymous chapel. Finally, the majolica floor, dating back to 1830, beautifully depicts a large coat of arms with Franciscan symbols, positioned in the middle of the nave; on its sides, putti and naturalistic motifs are depicted.

An ideal place for reflection and meditation, the Convent of San Giovanni del Palco offers visitors an opportunity to admire a picturesque panoramic view towards the Agro Nolano area.

Comune di riferimento
Via San Giovanni del Palco, 1, 83020 Taurano AV, Italia
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081 8240433
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Convento di San Giovanni del Palco

Via San Giovanni del Palco, 1, 83020 Taurano AV, Italia

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