Ambrosini Palace is a place of interest in Venticano, in the hamlet of Campanarello.

Dating back to the 17th century, it belonged to Marquis Rossi del Barbazzale, who was married to the great-granddaughter of Napoleon I Bonaparte, Madeleine Colonna Walevski. In particular, the stately building is famous for having seen Rachelina Ambrosini (1925-1941) grow up in its comfortable rooms. She was a Servant of God with a Christian charisma that was well announced and manifested both in her writings and in her humble deeds, which nourished a unique virtue, namely the ability to relate to others with the simplicity of children. The very young writer died of a severe form of meningitis at the age of fifteen and has been declared venerable by the Catholic Church.

Today, the Palace is the headquarters of the Rachelina Ambrosini Foundation, an independent humanitarian organisation committed to the fight against hunger in the world. The imposing façade of the residence still has its majestic portal, while the cloister, with the well and the "Garden of Apparitions" at its centre, houses a small chapel, known as the "Hermitage Chapel", a place of meditation. Over time, the stables were replaced by the small Church of the Angel, where religious services are celebrated. Inside the building, Rachelina's room is still intact, where you can admire the bed, the desk and the piano, and the most precious mementoes kept in a special museum. Finally, Ambrosini Palace houses the Community of the Missionary Catechist Sisters of Saint Theresa of Baby Jesus and the children's library "The Talking Cricket". 

Ambrosini Palace, the pride and joy of the homes of yesteryear, stands out in Venticano's historic centre and has become a cultural centre for the entire local community.

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Corso Luigi Cadorna, 7, 83030 Venticano AV, Italia
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Palazzo Ambrosini

Corso Luigi Cadorna, 7, 83030 Venticano AV, Italia

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