De Leo Palace, also known as the "House of Culture", is a historical building located in Frigento, in the historic centre of the Irpinian town.

The building is known for being the birthplace and home of the canon and scholar Marciano DeLeo (1751-1819), a well-known figure throughout the Ultra Principality, who was commissioned to coordinate the work on the official "Statistics of the Ultra Principality" commissioned by Joachim Murat. From his youth, De Leo was driven by a passion for writing in verse, so much so that he even inspired Giacomo Leopardi to write "La Ginestra" (The Broom). His most important work, "Il tempio della sapienza o sia l'uomo disingannato (The Temple of Wisdom or Let Man Be Deceived)", is an intense, joyful journey through the search for happiness.

Today the old building houses the Civic Library, an Archaeological Museum and the "Pina Famiglietti" Civic Art Collection, a private collection of fine art prints belonging to Angelo Gabbanini, master printer and husband of Mrs Pina Famiglietti, who passed away prematurely. A real journey of discovery of contemporary figurative artworks by numerous internationally renowned artists, with the presentation of different graphic techniques. De Leo Palace also hosts exhibitions of contemporary authors that contribute to enhancing the historical and artistic value of the building.

An important cultural centre, De Leo Palace is an indelible trace of Frigento's past, which lives on in the present, looking towards the future.

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Via Roma, 83040 Frigento AV, Italia
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Palazzo De Leo

Via Roma, 83040 Frigento AV, Italia

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