Filangieri Palace is a place of historical interest located in Lapio, in Via Roma, near the Church of Santa Caterina and the Church of the Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow).

Located at the highest point of the historic centre of the Irpinian town, it can be considered an expression of the period of greatest splendour of the noble family, reached during the 17th and 18th centuries. Indeed, the Filangieri family was a distinguished family name, whose origins can be traced back to Norman times and which had many illustrious figures. 

As evidence of the socio-political growth of the family, there are coats of arms with the symbol of the cross, some of which can be seen carved on the stone slabs of the court well. Filangieri Palace is richly and completely decorated: every surface, from the walls to the vaults (in the corridors, in the hallway, in the residential rooms, etc.) has pictorial decorations, carried out in different periods and with different techniques, so much so that it represents a unique case in the Irpinian territory. 

A historical symbol of the Lapian community, Filangieri Palace dominates the town centre with its centuries-old structure and charm.

Grado di accessibilita
Totally accessible
Comune di riferimento
Via Roma, 83030 Lapio AV, Italia
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On reservation

Prezzi di accesso

Biglietto ridotto (Under 26 - Over 60)


Poligono GEO

Palazzo Filangieri

Via Roma, 83030 Lapio AV, Italia

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