Macchiarelli Palace is a site of historical interest situated in the hamlet of Misciano in Montoro.

Its construction dates back to the early 16th century, when a series of landslides hit the area.  In the 18th century the building was altered, extended and enhanced by the many skilled Neopolitan craftsmen, who were commissioned by the noblemen of Montoro, starting with the Pironti family. 

The walls of the present building are made from tuff stone, a construction material traditionally used in this area, with vaults on the lower floors and wood-beamed ceilings on the upper floors. This magnificent building and its interior are the result of painstaking work by a team of master stonemasons from Calvanico, assisted by skilled carpenters who skilfully fashioned the entrance and interior doors from chestnut wood. Other noteworthy elements are the sloping roof, made from clay tiles with a wide frame and battens. On the ground floor there are stables and a store room, which have been part of a social innovation project since 2017. The objective is to recognise Macchiarelli Palace as a multifunctional centre for the economic and cultural development of the local area, and the building hosts a number of local associations including "L'isola che c'è" (Everland).

As one of the most important historic buildings in this Irpinian town, Macchiarelli Palace is part of a valuable artistic and architectural legacy for the community of Montoro.

Comune di riferimento
Località Misciano, 83025 Montoro AV, Italia
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Palazzo Macchiarelli

Località Misciano, 83025 Montoro AV, Italia

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