The Ruins of the Trevico Castle are located on the street of the same name, near the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (Saint Mary of the Assumption).

Built on the highest point of the Irpinian village, the origins of the fortress are still uncertain: the first document in which it is mentioned dates back to 1078 and refers to the sale of the Castle to Roberto il Guiscardo. It was doubtless a stronghold of the Barony of Vico, which ruled the entire area for centuries. During the Middle Ages and in later times, the historic building became a noble residence of barons and marquises, equipped with accommodation for servants and premises used as a food storage, as well as presses, mills, warehouses, and workshops. It was then used as a quarry to obtain stones and bricks, a use that disfigured the structure, causing its gradual abandonment.

What remains of the Trevico Castle is located among the oak trees in what is now the Impero Woodland. The construction techniques used for the fortress suggest that it was built as far back as Roman times, because of the use of bricks with mortar, a construction method typical of Roman aqueducts; other sources, however, date the construction of the fortress to the period of Norman domination. Today, only a cylindrical tower on the eastern side, the perimeter wall with six large windows, and parts of the rooms once used as dwellings are visible.

The Air Force Meteorological Station was built on the remains of the Castle in 1951; it was subsequently demolished and rebuilt next to the Castle, in order to preserve what remains of the ancient fortress, as evidence of the ethnic, geographical, and political unity of the territory of the barony.

Comune di riferimento
Via Castello, 83058 Trevico AV, Italia
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0827 96014
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Ruderi del Castello di Trevico

Via Castello, 83058 Trevico AV, Italia

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