The Sanctuary of the Santissimo Salvatore (Holy Saviour) is situated on Mount Sovero in Montella.

There is no accurate record of when the first stone was laid, but it appears that the construction dates back to well before 1779, the year that saw a miraculously heavy rainfall after a period of intense drought. The miracle swelled the ranks of the faithful, who would gather on the mount to give thanks for the averted famine. Consequently the number of religious houses multiplied, following a concession by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. The deep devotion for this place of worship has another ancient custom: the tradition of ringing the bells in the tower that stands alongside the Sanctuary. Through the generations, local worshippers and tourists alike have kept this ritual alive by climbing to the top of the bell tower before pulling the cord on the legendary bell, which for the townspeople is more than a sound: it is the voice of a devoted community.

At 954 m above sea level and also visible from a long distance away, the majestic Sanctuary stands proudly above the town. In 1979, the façade was restored. It is now undecorated with a simple colonnade leading to a small atrium. On crossing the threshold through the finely-crafted bronze door, there is a contrast between the austere façade and the rich interior. The two side doors, also elegantly crafted and finished by the sculptor Antonio Manzi, represent the key moments of the Redemption. The interior is adorned with majestic stuccoes and fine sacred furnishings such as the high altar, of the Neopolitan school and dating from 1789, worked in varicoloured marble with the sculpted image of the Saviour prominent in the centre. The sacred furnishings are enhanced by “Gesù Risorto" (Jesus Risen), a statue by the sculptor Tarcisio Musto, the mosaic to the left of the entrance representing the Transfiguration, and the five stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Gospel and the Lady of the Snows.

A year-round destination for tourists and pilgrims, the Sanctuary of the Santissimo Salvatore is a landmark thanks to its architectural and spiritual significance.

Comune di riferimento
Località Monte Sovero, 83048 Montella AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

Poligono GEO

Santuario del Santissimo Salvatore

Località Monte Sovero, 83048 Montella AV, Italia

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