Villa Tullio Cataldo is a place of historical interest located in Vallata, in Piazza Tiglio.

The aristocratic residence, belonging to the Cataldo-Laurelli family, is known for having served in the past as the medieval castle of the Irpinian town. The structure originally consisted of three wings or arms in the shape of a horseshoe, while the part facing Piazza Tiglio was characterised by a four-arched portico and was used as the family home. The rear part housed the servants' quarters, the granaries and a wood-burning oven, where bread was prepared and baked for the townspeople on feast days.

Although there have been moderate conservative restorations, the building has not been modified in its front façade, maintaining the architectural style of the time, including the towers. On the contrary, the rear part, including the Laurelli family's chapel, was completely lost following the earthquake of 23 November 1980.

Despite the transformations that have taken place over time - caused, above all, by the frequent natural disasters in Irpinia - Villa Tullio Cataldo can still boast the title of historical and cultural symbol of the Vallata community.

Comune di riferimento
Piazza Tiglio, 40, 83059 Vallata AV, Italia
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0827 91008
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Villa Tullio Cataldo

Piazza Tiglio, 40, 83059 Vallata AV, Italia

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