The Migliano Chapel is a place of historical interest located in Scampitella.

Built on a small hill, not far from the Calaggio river, it had a large rocky relief on its left, corresponding to a large grey rock spike emerging from the ground that is still visible, while, on its right, it had a spring, the Chapel Fountain, also known as the "Pisciolo Fountain", from which fresh water still flows today.

The structure was approximately 10 meters high and 6 meters wide, with a single door, one window, and both fixtures removed. Made with large stones from the nearby Calaggio river, the area of the Migliano Chapel was affected by the construction of the A16 Naples-Canosa motorway, between the Vallata and Lacedonia tollbooths. This has contributed to a slow and progressive deterioration of the religious building, which is now reduced to a state of ruin: in fact, there are only a few remnants - stones scattered on the ground or that have become an integral part of the houses built in the area.

Nonetheless, the Migliano Chapel is still considered one of the most symbolic places of the Scampitella community.

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Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia
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Cappella Migliano

Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

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