The Municipality of Scampitella is located within the area of the Baronia, bordering with Puglia. It's a town with 1,130 inhabitants, located 775 metres above sea level, at 70 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 15.11 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Anzano di Puglia, Bisaccia, Lacedonia, Sant’Agata di Puglia, Trevico, Vallata and Vallesaccarda
The etymology of the name is indeed unknown, due to the lack of archival sources: according to an unconfirmed hypothesis, it could derive from the term “campitello”, understood as “small field”. The inhabitants are called Scampitellesi and Saint Michael the Archangel is their patron saint. 


  • Migliano Caves - Archaeological site that was unearthed in 2002, together with the remains of a Roman villa: it consists of seven grain pits, called “brigands” and dates back to the period of Constantine the Great
  • Migliano Chapel - Built on a small hill, a short distance from the river, it is reduced to the state of ruins
  • Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione (Saint Mary of Consolation) - Entirely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1930, it preserves some important works of art, including a 19th-century wooden statue
  • Borgo Guardiola - Charming rural town, characterised by stone buildings
  • Archaeological remains - Finds dating back to different eras, most of which can be visited at the Town Hall      


  • Scampitellese Carnival - Parade of masks and allegorical floats, takes place in the week of Shrove Tuesday
  • Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel - Religious celebrations in honour of the patron saint, held in May
  • Feast of Our Lady of Consolation - Religious event, held in August
  • Bonfire of Saint Joseph - Religious celebrations accompanied by the lighting of fires, held in March      


  • Curniciedd cu e frecul - Typical dish, based on peppers seasoned with bread crumbs 
  • Susamielli - Traditional semolina biscuits, often prepared with the addition of cooked wine and nuts
  • Crespelle - Typical Christmas dessert, fried in plenty of oil
  • Irpinia Colline dell’Ufita PDO - Extra virgin olive oil deriving largely from the Ravece variety, characterised by a pleasant bitter and spicy taste
  • Caciocavallo Silano PDO - Semi-hard cheese, with spun curd, produced with milk from different breeds of cows, including Podolica     


Inside the new municipal headquarters, there is a permanent exhibition “Testimonies from the past: archaeology in Scampitella”, containing some archaeological finds unearthed in the municipal area. 


In Scampitella, in the localities of Piano di Contra and Guardiola, numerous archaeological relics have been found, although the original settlement dates back to the Middle Ages, when the town played the role of farmhouse of the Barony of Vico, of which it followed the historical events.  
During the Angevin domination, Scampitella was part of the possessions of the aristocrats Ada De Bruveriis and Marco Aiossa. Sacked by the Spanish troops of Captain Consalvo de Cordova in 1507, it was sold by their daughter to the Loffredo family, together with the Barony of Vico.  
Scampitella was a hamlet until 1948, when it became an autonomous municipality, separating itself from Trevico.


Walks within everyone’s reach, in beautiful natural contexts and with a tangible historical sign, Scampitella awakens contact with nature, with its silences and with its rhythms 
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Largo Giosuè Carducci, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia
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Largo Giosuè Carducci, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

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Indirizzo Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

An archaeological site unearthed in 2002 together with the remains of a Roman villa, it…

Indirizzo Piazza Libertà, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

Piazza Libertà, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

Entirely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1930, it preserves some important works of art,…

Indirizzo Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

Contrada Migliano, 83050 Scampitella AV, Italia

Built on a small hill, not far from the river, reduced to a state of ruin

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