District 25 coincides with the nine municipalities of the geographical area of Baronia, in the Ufita Valley. 
The territory is characterized by a cultural heritage, which protects and enhances folklore and traditions that have their roots in collective and ancient rituals, but also for the presence of sites of historical, architectural and artistic importance. An itinerary characterized by rural excellence, the history of the Samnite and Roman times narrated in the Archaeological Museum in Carife, the suggestive landscape of the Baronia Castle, the typicality of the extra-virgin oil of Flumeri, the taste of typical dishes of San Nicola Baronia, the suggestive woods and copious springs of San Sossio Baronia, the archaeological site of the caves of Migliano di Scampitella, Trevico "the roof of Irpinia" with all its treasures, the mysticism of the tradition of Good Friday in Vallata, and the rural authenticity of Vallesaccarda.

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