Carafa Palace in Capriglia Irpina, also known as "Carafa Castle", is a place of historic interest located in Via Belvedere, near the town hall.

The building owes its name to the fact that the Carafa family, in the 16th century, had a residential palace built on the ruins of a pre-existing medieval castle, which is first mentioned in a document from the 10th century. 

Although it was altered by virtue of its conversion into a noble residence, the pre-existing castle was an imposing structure, very interesting from an architectural point of view. This is also evident from what is visible today, first and foremost the grand façade on which there are six arched windows and a high arched entrance portal. There are also artistic frescoes on the walls of the upper floor of Carafa Palace. This ancient structure, where Gian Pietro Carafa, known as Pope Paul IV, is believed to have been born in 1476, is located in a strategic place, in the upper part of the historic centre, near the Church of San Nicola (Saint Nicholas), from which it is possible to enjoy a suggestive view of the landscape surrounding the town.

Considered one of the symbolic monuments of the community of Capriglia, Carafa Palace preserves centuries of history, linked to a very important family of the early Middle Ages.

Via Belvedere, 4, 83010 Capriglia Irpina AV, Italia
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Palazzo Carafa di Capriglia Irpina

Via Belvedere, 4, 83010 Capriglia Irpina AV, Italia

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