The Municipality of Pago del Vallo di Lauro is located within the area of the Vallo di Lauro. It's a town with 1,798 inhabitants, located 130 metres above sea level, at 25 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 4.63 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Domicella, Lauro, Marzano di Nola, Taurano and Visciano. 
The etymology of the name seems to come from Pagus latino civi, claiming Pago as the office of the Vallo for the collection of religious taxes. The inhabitants are called Paghesi and Saint Anthony of Padua is their patron saint. 


  • Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli (Our Lady of Constantinople) - Built in the 17th century, it was completely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1732: in late-Baroque style, it preserves frescoes by Mozzillo
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta (Saint Mary of the Assumption) - Also called “Church of Santa Maria de’ Carpinelli”, it is located in the hamlet of Pernosano: of 17th-century origin, beneath it is concealed a previous building that dates back to the first half of the 9th century, in turn built on a pre-existing Roman settlement
  • Church of San Lorenzo Martire (Saint Lawrence the Martyr) - Also called “Church of Our Lady of Graces”, is an ancient church located in the hamlet of Sopravia      


  • Paghese Carnival - Carnival events that are particularly beloved for the ancient traditions handed down from the elders of the town to the young people who, during the feast, meet for masked dances
  • Feast of Saint Anthony - Celebrations in honour of the patron saint that take place in June
  • Feast of Our Lady of Constantinople - Celebrations in honour of the saint that take place in July with a Mass and the subsequent feast      


  • Hazelnuts - Products of the area are the Mortarella Hazelnut and also the San Giovanni Hazelnut      


Its origins are uncertain, but the theory according to which Pago may have played the role of office of the Vallo di Lauro for the collection of religious taxes is supported by the existence of a temple dedicated to the Divine Augustus in the hamlet of Pernosano. 


Although there is no certain information on the origins of Pago del Vallo di Lauro, there is no doubt that the various relics found during some archaeological excavations, including marble columns and the floor of a temple, ruins of rustic villas, tombs and memorial stones presage a probable foundation of the Roman era. It can be assumed, therefore, that Pago was at the time of the Romans a centre of considerable importance, at least until the arrival of the Lombards, who transferred the centre of activities to nearby Lauro. 
The territory of Pago del Vallo di Lauro developed especially in the medieval period, when it was a fief of the Lancellotti family, Lords of Lauro. In the 15th century, Pago passed into the hands of Andrea de Capua while, in the following century, it became a farm of the Cutillo aristocratic family. 
From the end of the 1700s, due to the French troops, destruction and looting began in this town, which lasted for a long time, at the hands of others, such as the Bourbon army, until 1860.


If the time available to us is precious, Pago del Vallo di Lauro is to be visited with a camera around your neck to capture the views 
Distretto di riferimeno
Via Roma, 29, 83020 Pago del Vallo di Lauro AV, Italia
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081 8250372
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Pago del Vallo di Lauro

Via Roma, 29, 83020 Pago del Vallo di Lauro AV, Italia

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Indirizzo Via Narni, 1, 83020 Pago del Vallo di Lauro AV, Italia

Via Narni, 1, 83020 Pago del Vallo di Lauro AV, Italia

Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1732, it is home to frescoes by Mozzillo.

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