The Municipality of Marzano di Nola is located within the area of the Vallo di Lauro. It's a town with 1,671 inhabitants, located 90 metres above sea level, at 33 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 4.72 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Domicella, Liveri, Pago del Vallo di Lauro and Visciano. 
The etymology of the name probably derives from the settlement in the area of the Martiales of Larino, or from the prefect of Nola in Roman times, Marcianus, or even from the alleged existence of a temple dedicated to the God Mars, in the road that connected Nola to Lauro; the specification “di Nola” is an identifier of the area, very close to the Agro Nolano. The inhabitants are called Marzanesi and Saint Trifone the Martyr is their patron saint. 


  • Church of San Trifone Martire (Saint Tryphon the Martyr) - Built in the first half of the 18th century, according to the clear late-Baroque style of Campania architecture
  • Sanctuary Maria Santissima dell’Abbondanza (Holy Mary of Abundance) - Built in the 15th century on a rock spur, it offers a beautiful panorama with Vesuvius in the background
  • Turris Martiani Medieval Complex - Contains the ancient remains of the Etruscan tower, the most significant symbol of the town 
  • Piazzale Maria Santissima dell’Abbondanza - The square that takes its name from the sanctuary of the same name, which is accessed by following a wide staircase
  • Pietra Maula - Site of community interest that is characterised by the presence of noteworthy biodiversity
  • Naturalistic areas - La Pineta (Pine Grove) and Congrega Maria Santissima dell’Abbondanza      


  • Patronal Feast of Saint Tryphon the Martyr - Religious celebrations in honour of the patron saint, scheduled for November
  • Feast of Holy Mary of Abundance - Religious event in honour of Our Lady of Abundance, scheduled for the last Sunday of July
  • Il Nocciolo e le Strade dei Forni (Hazel tree and the Streets of the Ovens) - Food and wine and tourist itinerary, part of the Regional Strategic Plan “Ancient Lands of the Hazel Tree”
  • Marzanese Carnival - Traditional celebrations on the occasion of Shrove Tuesday      


  • Hazelnut - Typical product of Lower Irpinia and the municipal territory of Marzano
  • Noce malizia PAT - Local product, typical of the Vallo di Lauro area
  • Citrus fruits - The territory of Marzano di Nola is also known for its citrus groves      


In 2014, the Municipality of Marzano di Nola was named “Marian City” for its strong religious cult linked to Our Lady of Abundance, whose celebrations begin with Lent, that is, 40 days before the actual Feast day. 


Marzano di Nola, just like many towns of the Vallo di Lauro, is a town of Etruscan origin: this is attested by some finds of clay material decorated in red and black, typical colours of the art of that era. Following the fall of Etruscan power, approximately in the middle of the 5th century BC, the Oscan nation was born, the result of the joining of Samnites and Opic peoples. In Roman times and, in particular, during the civil war against Marius, between 90 and 80 BC, the territory of Marzano suffered the looting first of Silla and then of Spartacus
In later times, Marzano fell into the hands of the Lombards around the year 594 and it became part of Minor Lombardy. Later, it became part of the Lombard Gastaldato di Nola and, for a short time, offered refuge to Basil the Bishop, who tried to escape the fury of the invaders. In the following years, the territory of Marzano was the subject of disputes between the Lombards and the Duchy of Naples until, in the first half of the 10th century, the latter failed to incorporate it within its borders. 
Sadly known, finally, was the Massacre of Marzano di Nola, perpetrated by the French on 26 April 1799, at the height of the Neapolitan Revolution, in which 11 people perished, including the parish priest, Father Venanzio della Pietra.


Marzano di Nola is a place of continuous discovery and search for ancient flavours for all those who seek to experience it  
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Via Nazionale, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia
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Marzano di Nola

Via Nazionale, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

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Indirizzo Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

A clear example of late Baroque art in the Campanian style, the Church of San Trifone Martire…

Indirizzo Via Michele Fonseca, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

Via Michele Fonseca, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

It contains the ancient remains of the Etruscan tower, which is the symbol of the town and…

Indirizzo Via Cavalier Pasquale Nappi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

Via Cavalier Pasquale Nappi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

Built on a rock spur during the 15th century, this church is a symbolic place of worship for…

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