The Sanctuary of Maria Santissima dell'Abbondanza (Our Lady of Abundance) is a place of worship situated in Via Cavalier Pasquale Nappi, in Marzano di Nola.

Its origins are ancient, as can be seen from the date “1453” engraved on the portal. At that time it was probably a chapel (now the sacristy), which was extended over the years. Despite this evidence, there are no further records of this imposing church for more than a hundred years. Its early history is thus uncertain, but what is known is that on 7 December 1604 Pope Clement VIII joined it to the Archconfraternity of the Santissimo Nome di Maria (Most Holy Name of Mary) at Colonna Traiana in Rome. In July 1788 the Coronation of the Virgin and donation of the golden crown took place in the Diocese of Nola. A devastating fire in February 1830 seriously damaged the structure, but thanks to the devout congregation it was rebuilt and returned to the people.

Externally, a double flight of steps leads to the portal, positioned centrally in the gabled yellow-plastered façade. In late Baroque style, the façade has simple lines and is adorned by white pilasters, a votive shrine and windows, and is surmounted by a tall bell tower. The single-nave interior is compellingly beautiful: the walls are adorned with stucco work and a series of ten solemn paintings in the 18th-century wooden choir stalls, depicting episodes from the life of Mary. Looking up, you can admire the canvas of the Virgin and Angels and the brethren of the Congregation. In the apse is a small temple dating from 1818, which houses the statue of Our Lady of the Abundance. Other noteworthy paintings are kept in the sacristy and the side chapel, where we find the “Sacred Garland” painting, depicting all the miracles leading to the coronation of Our Lady of Abundance. In the transept is a pair of tombs of ecclesiastical dignitaries from Marzano. Other highlights include the burial chambers, now used as a museum, and the terrace from which visitors can admire the beautiful panorama with Vesuvius in the background.

As a place of worship that represents the community of Marzano, nestling in olive groves and standing on a rocky outcrop, the Sanctuary stands proudly over the town below and is a religious landmark for the community.

Via Cavalier Pasquale Nappi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

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Santuario Maria Santissima dell'Abbondanza

Via Cavalier Pasquale Nappi, 83020 Marzano di Nola AV, Italia

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