The Villanova del Battista Municipal Museum is located on Via Fornace, within the current town hall.

It is a small but interesting exhibition; the notable exhibits include a 19th-century bedroom; a gallery of paintings; and different sections, such as the one dedicated to materials, in which stone, glass, and wood sculptures by local artists and artisans are exhibited, and the one focused on modern antiques, which takes you on a brief journey through the technological developments in the field of information technology, from the first typewriters to the first computers. Other sections of the Municipal Museum include one focusing on farming communities and one dedicated to stories and folklore, taking visitors on a journey through the history and popular culture of Villanova del Battista.

This museum also features unusual and unique objects to be admired, such as a crucifix from 1930 and war memorabilia. Also worthy of mention are the panels made of straw, which are the characteristic element of one of the main symbols of the town, namely the "Giglio" (Lily), the main motif of the traditional feast known as Tirata del Giglio (Dragging of the Lily).

The exhibition set up inside the town hall represents a historical and cultural heritage of great value for the entire Villanova community.

Via Fornace, 83030 Villanova del Battista AV, Italia
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Museo Comunale di Villanova del Battista

Via Fornace, 83030 Villanova del Battista AV, Italia

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